Cooler Switch|Automobile Air Conditioning Refrigeration System

Pressure switches are ubiquitous in automatic control. For example, they are installed in the refrigeration cycle pipeline system of automobile air conditioners to detect the pressure of the refrigeration cycle system. When the pressure changes abnormally, the corresponding protection circuit is activated to prevent damage to the system. Common refrigeration system pressure switches mainly include high pressure switch, low pressure switch, double pressure switch and triple pressure switch.
The high pressure switch of the refrigeration system works. During the operation of the automobile air conditioner, when abnormal conditions such as the blockage of the heat sink, the non-rotation of the cooling fan or the excessive amount of refrigerant occur, the system pressure will be too high. If it is not controlled, the excessive pressure will damage the system components. .
The high-pressure switch is installed in the high-pressure pipeline, generally installed on the liquid storage dryer, and connected in series to the compressor electromagnetic clutch circuit or the condenser fan circuit.
When the system pressure is too high, the high pressure switch will act to cut off the clutch circuit or turn on the high-speed block circuit of the cooling fan to prevent the pressure from continuing to rise and cause damage to the system.

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