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Extension Cord with USB

Extension cord also named as extension socket or extension leads. The extension cord is a multiple universal socket with a power cord and plug that can be moved. More than one power plug can be connected, saving both space and wiring also cost.

13A Plug Socket

13A Plug Socket

Model No.:L811N/9H/13
Color: Black
Socket type: British

MOQ: 3000 PCS
Payment Terms: T/T
Delivery Time: 30-45 days

satellite socket outlet | Satellite Outlet 86x86cm

Product name: Satellite Outlet
Type: 1 gang, flush mounted
Series: P Series
Model No.: P75SAT/D
Size: 86x86cm

13A Twin Switch Socket Outlet

Model number: RF8MD2/9H2/13/W
Specification: 13A 250V~
Color: Luxury Gold

universal switch socket outlet | 16A Switch Socket Outlet

Name : 16A Switch Socket Outlet
Branding: JUNON 
Specification: 13A 250V~ 
Panel:  Fire proof PC
Customized: Available

electrical extension sockets | European Electrical Sockets

Ref No.: P9R/16/SH
Product Size: 86x86mm    
Rated Current: 16A
Rated Voltage: 250V

Us two pin socket

Model No.: L9P2/16
Type: Modular type
MOQ: 2000 pcs
Warranty: 10 years
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C


Twin switched socket outlet

Model Number: BKF821N2/9H2/13/R
Brand Name: JUNON
Place of Origin: China
Certificate: CE/CB
Payment Terms: T/T L/C

germany electric socket

Product Name: German electric socket
Model No. : L9R/16/D
Brand Name: JUNON
Max. Current: 16A
Max. Voltage: 250V


usb plug socket | USB Socket

Model: A series
Model No.: A811/9HZ/USB
Name: USB Socket
Color: White

tv socket | Flush Mount TV

Reference No. KJ75TV
Type : Single 
Transport Package: Color inner Box/ 5 layer brown Carton
Product size: 86*86MM

electrical light switches | Metal light switch

Model NO.:    P9H/13/B
Product Name:    Metal light switch
Trade Mark:    JUNON
Number of Holes    3
Rated Current    13A