What is electrical distribution panel do you know?

Electrical distribution panel, also known as power distribution cabinet, is a device that concentrates, switches, and distributes electrical energy. The switchboard is generally composed of cabinets, switches (circuit breakers), protection devices, monitoring devices, electric energy meters, and other secondary components. Installed in power stations, substations and power customers with large power consumption.

The electrical distribution panel is usually composed of cabinets, switches, protection devices, energy meters, etc., as well as other secondary components. The main purpose is: to facilitate power failure and transmission, to play the role and function of measurement and protection, and to facilitate maintenance when a circuit failure occurs. Switchboards can be used alone or as a complement to mechanical equipment.

With the increasing requirements for various mechanical equipment, the processing and manufacturing of electrical distribution panels are constantly improving and perfecting. At present, the switchboard industry is a mature industry; also because of the upgrading of electrical components and the improvement of machining level, the quality of switchboards has been greatly improved.